Guest Post: Thanks for Teaching Me How to Cook!


For my blog’s first guest post, I asked my 11 year-old daughter for permission to share a letter she wrote.  As part of state testing preparation, her school assignment was to write a letter thanking a person for “helping you learn new skills.”  Here it is and I think Michael Pollan would approve:

Dear Mother,

You have been a person to look up to all my life.  I realized this after reading A Visit With Grandpa.  In the book the boy learns a new skill from his grandpa.  I learned a new skill from you as well: cooking.  Cooking will help me right now, me in the future and my future generations.

Cooking really helps me now.  I used to be a picky eater, not appreciating food.  But that has changed.  Now that I help in the cooking of the food, I can feel a lot better that I was the one who prepared the food.  I eat more of it and I am more polite at dinnertime.  Thanks for teaching me how to cook!

Cooking not only helps me now, but it will also help me in the future.  How?  For one, I would save money by avoiding restaurants.  I also will be more healthy because I would not have to go to junky restaurants.  You always fight for a healthy lifestyle and cooking is the answer.  The future is under my control.  Thanks for teaching me how to cook!

Cooking will help my future generations as well.  If I teach my children how to cook and they teach theirs, who in turn teach theirs, we will have a family of healthy eaters.  But it all happened because of you.  You have helped all of us.  I really am thankful for that.  Thanks for teaching me how to cook!

I hope you realize the mark you made on all of us.  You helped me and others to come.  I also hope this letter showed my thanks for your guidance.  You have been a light in my future and I appreciate that.  Thanks for the hard work you put into my cooking education.  All of us thank you.

Your Loving Daughter,


4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Thanks for Teaching Me How to Cook!

  1. Very nice letter to your Mom, Katherine. Some of my nicest experiences have been cooking with family over the years. Not only did I learn about new foods and old “family” recipes, it was a way to spend time together. This is most important in our busy world today.

  2. Wow. How did your heart not simply explode with pride? I was tearing up just reading it! So well written, eloquent and heartfelt. She must have been breastfed!!!!

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