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Big Changes Ahead

move  I’m excited to announce we are making a family move to Seattle!  Please bear with me as there will be big changes ahead both personally and with the blog.  I look forward to sharing a new blog name which reflects a greater national focus on healthy kids when the dust finally settles and the boxes are unpacked.

4 thoughts on “Big Changes Ahead

  1. Thank you, Casey, for all the positive changes you’ve helped make in Kentucky. Good luck with your move. I look forward to hearing about your new blog name and focus.

  2. Hi Casey,

    I’m personally so sad to hear that you are leaving the Lexington Area!  I have been meaning to contact you to see how I could help better the food for the kids in our area.  I always thought I had plenty of time to contact you (my daughter is only 2, but we are already running into bad food habits from playschool and daycare!), but it seems I missed my chance.  I would love to, somehow, take on some of what you have been doing here in the Fayette County Schools.  I feel very strongly, as well, about our kid’s nutrition and dread dealing with the struggle against bad food choices at school (and elsewhere).  I know now is a crazy time for you, with a move (across country, no less!), but if you have a chance I would love to “pick your brain” on the best way to carry on your fight here in Lexington.

    Thank you for all you’ve done so far!  And, good luck in your new phase of life!

    Rachel Carpenter 806-6259

    PS: We have met in person once before. I was involved briefly with the Better Bites/Healthy Corner Store programs and we attended a couple meetings together.  I was the representative for the downtown neighborhood (which I have since moved from).

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